Henrique Oliveira – Tangled Constructions

Henrique Oliveira - an installation art

Brazilian artist Henrique Oliveira creates incredible wood constructions that demand a lot of space. The pieces are natural in their materiality, but they are artificial in the sense that they give the viewer a sensation of something that is actually not happening. In fact, as the artist says, he wants to reveal a sense of temporality and movement while creating dramatic surfaces. In 2003, when he was still an art student he researched painting surfaces and various surfaces as paintings. And he found plywood to be very helpful. What first caught his attention on this kind of deteriorated plywood was its pictorial aspect: the colors, the textures and the diverse tones that were organized in layers reminded him of a painting surface. The result is just awe-inspiring and fascinating as these pieces capture viewers at first glance.

Henrique Oliveira - art Henrique Oliveira - colorful Henrique Oliveira - deformed Henrique Oliveira - grey Henrique Oliveira - house Henrique Oliveira - tangled Henrique Oliveira - tree root Henrique Oliveira - wallhenriqueoliveira.com

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