Andrea Hübner – Fragile Beauty

Andrea Hübner - a green dress

Andrea Hübner is a self-taught photographer from Germany. Focusing mainly on portraiture, her works are very calm and feminine. She likes to take photos of models without make-up, but she also likes to experiment with professional make-up artists in order to develop bigger ideas and projects. With or without make-up, her models always have a natural and fragile sense. So Andrea attempts to capture the amazing variety of beauty within women. To her, beauty does not mean to be perfect; some flaws make people even more interesting. You will notice that Andrea often has redheads and freckled girls in front of her lens because she considers these two attributes very beautiful and special. The colors, light and surroundings in her photos are essential for the mood she wants to create. While capturing real feelings, the imagery has a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.

Andrea Hübner - beauty Andrea Hübner - blonde curls Andrea Hübner - dark lipstick Andrea Hübner - doll makeup Andrea Hübner - ginger Andrea Hübner - red lips Andrea Hübner - white

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