Filip Dujardin – Fictional Architecture

Filip Dujardin - architecture

Belgian photographer Filip Dujardin creates photographic compositions made up of real buildings, which are then transformed into new fictional structures. He studied History of Art with an emphasis on architecture, which is evident in his work. He is strongly inspired by landscape’s heritage and all the qualities that architecture has to offer. Photographs are deeply industrial and surreal, evoking wonder and romanticism. This kind of juxtaposition gives new dimensions to photographic collage and offers new exciting imageries that trick the eye. Some of the most intriguing buildings seem perfectly ordinary at first glance, revealing their absurdity as the viewer discovers missing or unsuitable details.

Filip Dujardin - castle Filip Dujardin - deformed house Filip Dujardin - geometric shapes Filip Dujardin - high house Filip Dujardin - house Filip Dujardin - inside Filip Dujardin - pool Filip Dujardin - rock Filip Dujardin -

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