TOMAAS – Spirited Portraits

TOMAAS - a blue beauty

TOMAAS is a New York based fashion and beauty photographer. His photographs are visually attractive and poignant, with cinematic, surreal, yet realistic touch. He has his own edgy signature style which is elusive, vivacious, and dramatic. The expressions of his models are always different – spirited, gloomy and subtle at the same time. TOMAAS’ work demonstrates a unique photographic practice where environment, atmosphere and subject matter merge into a single narrative that reveals its own story. Every detail of the imagery is equally essential which truly creates an indelible and bold impression.

TOMAAS - albino TOMAAS - beautiful portrait TOMAAS - bottle headdress TOMAAS - caught TOMAAS - hair up TOMAAS - head TOMAAS - long hair TOMAAS - silver TOMAAS - straight

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