Jackie Cadiente – Puppet Souls

Jackie Cadiente - a toy hand

Jackie Cadiente was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She recently earned her BFA in interdisciplinary sculpture with a concentration in animation at the Maryland Institute College of Art. Currently she is exploring stop-motion animation and puppet fabrication. Through these works Jackie tries to expose the imagination and possibilities that toys open up for every child. She breathes movement, life, and spirit into these toy sculptures as a stop-motion takes the wildest inventions of the mind of a child and gives it actual corporeal presence. “Stop-motion literally builds the world as one chooses,” she says. Jackie has the ability to make toys do something extraordinary with all of the memories and reminiscences, nightmares and dreams attached to them.

Jackie Cadiente - tree spirit Jackie Cadiente - toy hands Jackie Cadiente - robot Jackie Cadiente - pinocchio Jackie Cadiente - humpty Jackie Cadiente - face Jackie Cadiente - clouds


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