Matthew Vigeland – Refined Aesthetics

Matthew Vigeland - an ornament

Matthew Vigeland is a California-based illustrator, printmaker, and graphic artist with over 17 years of experience applying his skills across multiple industries and the Fine Arts. Every process he has been exposed to, from the archaic to the state-of-the-art, informs all of his work in some respect. As an artist Matthew has his own language with which he is motivated to describe his ideas and environment, however, it is the collaborative experience that has given him the deepest learning of all. “Whether defining a space, or an object, or an idea, it is the subsequent pursuit of the knowledge and resources to bring that creation into reality that intrigues me most,” he says. Vigeland has a unique blend of conceptual innovation and a sense of refined aesthetics.

Matthew Vigeland - design Matthew Vigeland - dragonfly Matthew Vigeland - drawing Matthew Vigeland - fireplace detail Matthew Vigeland -

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