Jeniffer Cronin – Fruitless Daydreams

Jennifer Cronin Painting 1

Jennifer Cronin is an American artist. She received a BFA from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2008.  Her paintings reveal the things that cannot be perceived in everyday life but are teeing just beneath the surface – it’s all about reality. Jennifer’s earlier work shows anxious and apparently suburban females looking for a way out. The author herself attempted to break through an invisible barrier wandering and looking for something to follow. These women are trapped within their own grace, beauty and seduction.  Her most recent work is about personal fantasy and escape in daily experience. She is interested in the idea of paintings as highly constructed object, just as our reality is based on often tiny, seemingly insignificant frustrations.

Jennifer Cronin Painting 2

Jennifer Cronin Painting 3

Jennifer Cronin Painting 4

Jennifer Cronin Painting 5

Jennifer Cronin Painting 6

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