Linnea Strid – Realistic Oil Paintings

Linnea Strid - a water face

A Swedish artist Linnea Strid paints unbelievably realistic oil paintings. She is strongly inspired by human emotions and the tedious details in everyday routine.  Most of her pieces are like snap shots of her or someone else’s ordinary life. There is a small twist added to her artworks, like some sort of underlying irony and unpredictable feelings. Her main inspirations are water, mortality, loneliness, fear of living and dying. The artist explores the darker side of the human psyche conveyed through water, thereby revealing our most private moments and personal stories.

Linnea Strid - bathing Linnea Strid - face closeup Linnea Strid - floating Linnea Strid - hand under the water Linnea Strid - out of water Linnea Strid - short hair Linnea Strid - water

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