Jessica Tremp – Ethereal Portraits

Jessica Tremp - atomic colors occasions

Jessica Tremp is a remarkable photographer based in Melbourne, Australia.  She creates poetic, peculiar and awe-inspiring imagery, which has a strong waiflike quality. She illustrates all the colours, forms and shapes that we can’t put words to, but we can essentially know and feel them. Jessica generally chooses natural light to studio lighting and prefers a more spontaneous, flowing style. All of these things make her portraits unique and magical. “A type of theme usually forms without being too conscious of it. Often it has to do with wanting nature to feel womb-like, like we are being cradled by it, but because we are so far removed from it nowadays, it is almost unnatural, eerie, discomforting at the same time,” she says.

Jessica Tremp - legs

Jessica Tremp - red flowers

Jessica Tremp - flora Jessica Tremp - floral girl Jessica Tremp - girl in colorful dress Jessica Tremp - girl portrait Jessica Tremp - green portrait Jessica Tremp - a yellow flower crown

Jessica Tremp - cherry portraitJessica Tremp - leaves Jessica Tremp - portrait Jessica Tremp - wood portrait

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