Joe Sinness – Pencil on Paper

Joe Sinness - a flamingo drawing

Joe Sinness is a portrait artist and symbolist residing in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He studied at St. John’s University and Minneapolis College of Art and Design. The drawings are still lives comprised of items from around his home and garden, some objects purchased at antique stores; and many of them contain summarized still shots from iconic films, eccentric personas or art history references. Sinness wants each still life to have a visual richness to highlight the figures and objects presented. The artist creates each drawing through unusual collocations of objects and identities, and by making a commodity of nature, memory, portraits, and behaviour. “Many of my past art instructors and mentors have stressed taking the role of artist very seriously, and so I make sure that everything I make is done with sincerity, that I’m honest with myself as well as others.” he says.

Joe Sinness - blue Joe Sinness - dolly dolly dolly Joe Sinness - if only Joe Sinness - shining Joe Sinness - something special Joe Sinness - somewhere between Joe Sinness - try being lonely Joe Sinness - when possession gets strong Joe Sinness - zebra

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