Alexandre Bordereau – Faceless Emotions

Alexandre Bordereau - an unknown

Alexandre Bordereau, also known as aRe-yOu-iN, is a 22-year-old photographer residing in France. He started taking pictures four years ago. Alexandre is a self-taught artist; he has never taken any courses in photography or graphic design.  The photographer tries to create the exact picture of his imagination usually focusing on the originality of a photograph. That is why he rarely does a series on the same subject. Bordereau tries to ensure that the viewer does not have a sense of déjà vu. The photos are very inspirational, exciting, and a little creepy. They often reveal sad feelings in a humorous way. He uses Canon EOS 450D and retouches the photographs in Photoshop.

Alexandre Bordereau - the unknown dark Alexandre Bordereau - the unknown in the room Alexandre Bordereau - the unknown outside Alexandre Bordereau - black and white kiss Alexandre Bordereau - black and white profile Alexandre Bordereau - black and white scream Alexandre Bordereau - sphere meadow Alexandre Bordereau - sphere rock

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