Jordi Pagès – Inscrutable Space

Jordi Pages - a still of animation

Jordi Pagès is a creative director and motion designer based in London, United Kingdom. He can only be described as an expert in the experimental – the artist specialises in creating graphics, light projections, and animation. Jordi creates unidentified, strange, and celestial world full of bizarre shapes and forms. The abstract musings of the artist begin with just a pen and a sheet of paper. He always tries to use the minimal ways of creating before technology fulfills his artistic reverie. His animations are dark and inscrutable yet thought-provoking for the viewer.


httpvh:// Pages - cocoon Jordi Pages - egg

Jordi Pages - closeup Jordi Pages - egg closeup Jordi Pages - final three Jordi Pages - ments Jordi Pages - two

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