Nacho Ormaechea – Mysterious Lives

Nacho Ormaechea - a man and station

Nacho Ormaechea is a freelance graphic designer and artist born in Spain. He studied illustration and graphic design at Ecole Estienne. He has been living and working in Paris for over a decade. Nacho sees Paris as a perfect theatre full of inspiring yet anonymous characters. Urban landscapes, inhabitants and their mysterious lives strongly influence his conceptual projects. The artist uses the figures of people for his absorbing collages and photo manipulations. “There is always a moment where I can catch a glimpse of the complexity of those lives, a connection between my own feelings and their experiences,” he says. His education and good photographic techniques enables him to shoot original and powerful images. Then he spends a lot of time on the aesthetic presentation of those combinations.

Nacho Ormaechea - bicycleNacho Ormaechea - railway man Nacho Ormaechea - child Nacho Ormaechea - exercise Nacho Ormaechea - forest reading Nacho Ormaechea - holy Nacho Ormaechea - paris walk Nacho Ormaechea - ropes Nacho Ormaechea - sunset reading Nacho Ormaechea - sweets

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