Julian Callos – Water Color Illustrations

Julian Callos Illustration 1

Julian Callos is a Los Angeles based artist who creates dreamy water coloured illustrations. He has a brilliant portfolio of sculptures and paintings. Man’s interaction with nature has been a big theme in a lot of his paintings for several reasons. First of all, nature is simply fascinating subject which provides so many different elements as potential subject matter. Second, sometimes man is its protector, other times he is the destroyer; nature always fights back or finds some beautiful way to adjust. Julian’s lines and the way he paints are very organic – rarely can you find harsh angels and sharp edges in his works.  Julian is one of those artists who never produce a bland piece of work.

Julian Callos Illustration 2

Julian Callos Illustration 3

Julian Callos Illustration 4

Julian Callos Illustration 5

Julian Callos Illustration 6


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