Juliano Lopes: Ordinary into Elegance

Juliano Lopes Drawings 1

Juliano Lopes is an American visual artist born in 1977 in Santa Maria, California. He received his bachelor’s degree of Visual Arts at the local Federal University and currently he lives and works in Porto Alegre, Brazil.  Juliano has got numerous awards, such as the Hall of Sacred Art – Santa Maria in 2010 and is also an artist with many solo and group exhibitions under his belt.

Juliano Lopes uses the elements between contemporary graphics and classic artwork. His art explores human forms – especially torsos, feet, legs that make up the body, as well as one’s identity. He elevates the ordinary into elegance.  The humanism his work displays is its pure form of nature and Renaissance-like love and decency for mankind.

Juliano Lopes Drawings 2

Juliano Lopes Drawings 3

Juliano Lopes Drawings 4

Juliano Lopes Drawings 5

Juliano Lopes Drawings 6


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