Steven DaLuz: Poetic Beauty of Human Figure

Steven DaLuz Painting 1

Steven DaLuz is a versatile artist born in Hanford, California. He creates figurative and abstract paintings. Steven’s abstract works are often landscape-referential; he uses oil, metal leaf and mixed media. These figurative works are a little ominous, sublime, introspective and too much poetic. He expresses the beauty of the human figure.  The winged figures expose ethereal light and a sense of mystery. In his search to find a genre that best describes his work, Steven DaLuz has chosen the term “Neo-Luminism” like the “Luminist” style of the mid-19th century. As the artist says this term concerns itself with the glowing effects of light, it may be dramatic and turbulent. Steven’s intention is not literal narrative. He strives to evoke a feeling within the viewer and undoubtedly he does it.

Steven DaLuz Painting 2

Steven DaLuz Painting 3

Steven DaLuz Painting 4

Steven DaLuz Painting 5

Steven DaLuz Painting 6

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