Jürgen Heckel – Haunting Nature Shots

Jürgen Heckel - art

Jürgen Heckel, also known as Sogar, is a sound artist and photographer. He was born in Nuremberg in 1970 and has been living in Paris for 14. He currently lives and works in Munich. Heckel is a master at composing haunting nature shots. He spends a great amount of time in the great outdoors, and many of his photo projects are studies of trees and forests. Light is a vital theme in his work. Many of his shots show sunlight illuminating dense and often dark forests, with beams of light passing through leaves, branches, and trunks, and hitting the forest floor.

Jürgen Heckel - darkJürgen Heckel - grass Jürgen Heckel - sunlight Jürgen Heckel - foggy forest Jürgen Heckel - forest Jürgen Heckel - nature Jürgen Heckel - sunbeams Jürgen Heckel - tree silhouettes Jürgen Heckel - trees


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