Justin Kamerer – Art and Music

Justin Kamerer - a heart

Justin Kamerer, usually known as Angryblue, is an illustrator and designer residing in Louisville, Kentucky.  He has been interested in music and art since middle school. He draws incredible skulls, prints at his print shop, creates rock posters, art books, art prints, and any sort of “visual madness.” Justin’s art is strongly influenced by music. “It does in the way that I cannot function without listening to music at all times,” says the artist. Angryblue starts the project using ink and pen and retouches the illustration using computer. His works are exquisite, exciting, and a little spooky.

Justin Kamerer - bird Justin Kamerer - elephant Justin Kamerer - raven eyes Justin Kamerer - skull Justin Kamerer - sphynx Justin Kamerer - twiggy Justin Kamerer - wormwood


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