Kait Robinson – Beauty in Details

Kait Robinson - art beauty

Kait Robinson is a young portrait, fashion and beauty photographer based in Brooklyn. She is a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. Her work is visually stunning and interesting as well. She typically first gets a general concept into her mind, something she is usually inspired by. Then she does a research – looking at various fashion photography websites. It’s becoming more important to Kait to have solid concepts and ideas. She thinks that taking good photos is much more than having a quality camera. Clothing, the model, surroundings are all integral to the shots. The artist pays attention to details – hair, make-up, lighting, location, choice of model – they collectively make an image successful or not.

Kait Robinson - boy Kait Robinson - casual style Kait Robinson - fashion Kait Robinson - in black Kait Robinson - portrait albino Kait Robinson - portrait Kait Robinson - violet


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