Thomas Jackson – Emergent Behavior

Thomas Jackson - a glow

Thomas Jackson is an amazing artist and photographer born in Philadelphia. After earning a B.A. in History from the College of Wooster, he spent much of his career in New York as an editor and book reviewer for magazines. It was his particular interest in photography books that led him to pick up a camera. The hovering installations featured in this ongoing series of photographs are inspired by self-organizing, “emergent” systems in nature such as termite mounds, swarming locusts, schooling fish and flocking birds. Thomas photographs airborne swarms of common objects like plates, Post-It notes, and cheese balls in environments where you would least expect them. The images attempt to tap the mixture of fear and fascination that those phenomena tend to evoke, while creating an uneasy interplay between the real and imagined world.


Thomas Jackson - cheeseballs Thomas Jackson - cups Thomas Jackson - glow Thomas Jackson - leaves Thomas Jackson - letters Thomas Jackson - lines Thomas Jackson - plates Thomas Jackson - postits Thomas Jackson -

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