Paco Pomet – Surreal and Humorous Twist

Paco Pomet - art

Paco Pomet is an amazing artist from Granada, Spain. He creates stunning artworks with a bizarre twist. The artist finds inspiration in 19th and 20th century black-and-white photography, transforming images from old photo albums, magazines and books into eerie new landscapes. Pomet combines classic imagery from early photographic works with the otherworldly sensibilities of the Surrealist movement. The result is whimsical, strange and sometimes even frightening, attempting to bring humor and misery to the canvas at the same time. “Humor and comedy don’t always seem to be important for the high-brow art world, which is really sad. But a few people whose art was absolutely essential for me are the cartoonist Gary Larson, the Marx Brothers and the comedians of Monty Python,” he says.

Paco Pomet - fire Paco Pomet - fly Paco Pomet - geometry Paco Pomet - hands Paco Pomet - hiking Paco Pomet - landscape Paco Pomet - shake hands Paco Pomet - sheep Paco Pomet - the

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