Laura McKellar – Embroideries

Laura McKellar - a butterfly mask

Laura McKellar is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator based in Melbourne, Australia. She grew up in a very creative environment so she has been making artistic things from an early age. Laura creates beautiful works using mixed media, illustrations, photography, and embroidery. She likes to collect film cameras and use her photographs with illustrations. She is also drawn to images from old pattern books which have a significant influence on her work. The artist transfers her drawings onto fabrics and perfectly embroiders small details. “I learned about sewing at a young age, my mum used to make all of my clothes and I was given hand-embroidered singlets for birthday,” she says. Creating is a natural occurrence in her life. It makes her feel good and it is the best way for her to express her artistic insight.

Laura McKellar - deer mask embroidery Laura McKellar - flying freedom Laura McKellar - headdress Laura McKellar - little girl embroidery Laura McKellar - looking forward Laura McKellar - owl mask Laura McKellar - woodland mask

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