Lee Borthwick – Reflections

Lee Borthwick - a mirror sculpture

A London based installation artist, Lee Borthwick, has a wonderful selection of branches and logs in her workshop. She makes these stunning installations using natural, organic and reclaimed materials. The mirror-covered chunks of wood allow the viewer to recapture the sense of reflection offered by dramatic landscape; the whole work evokes the feel of places, moving beyond visual into tangible feelings. Lee’s inspiration is the beautiful nature of Finland – lakes, forests and vast, solitary spaces, the peace she found there is the element linked to each of her work.

Lee Borthwick - trees Lee Borthwick - tapestry Lee Borthwick - reflection Lee Borthwick - rainy reflection Lee Borthwick - mirror tapestry Lee Borthwick - mirror tapestry landscape Lee Borthwick - installation artleeborthwick.co.uk

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