Vasilis Avramidis – Reminiscent Gardens

Vasilis Avramidis - nowhere

This is how the idea of false perception looks like in painting language. A Greek artist Vasilis Avramidis uses oil on canvas to capture the vistas of symbolic motifs, decay, the duality between sickness and growth, destruction and loss of our history.  He attempts to bring forward contradictory beliefs about life and death, eternity, memory and care. The artist invents landscapes of uncertain identity, reminiscent gardens, ruins, forests, cemeteries, sited on grounds that look like still lives and portraits. Gestural brushwork, painted objects and people are interpreted as pieces of land, which then become an ideal terrain for smaller scale landscapes, scenes and narratives. “Objects being imbued with foliage confirm these concepts of the ongoing and endless conflict between the forces of destruction and the forces of philosophical cultivation.” Avramidis is interested in locations which defy easy interpretation, 17th century Dutch still life painting, Hollywood films, science fiction, expressionistic distortion, mythology, parody, and the process of moss, undergrowth and land taking over disused things.

Vasilis Avramidis - bubble Vasilis Avramidis - couds Vasilis Avramidis - couple Vasilis Avramidis - landscape Vasilis Avramidis - sofa Vasilis Avramidis - the moon Vasilis Avramidis -

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