Thomas Babeau – Black and White Vibes

Thomas Babeau - a portrait

Thomas Babeau is a self-taught fashion and portrait photographer residing in Paris, France. His father was a photographer, so he grew up with the smell of chemicals in the bathroom. Thomas started to work in a photographic lab, making prints for professional photographers. At the same time he bought a camera and began taking pictures of his friends and some artists he knew. There is no need of color to display all the emotions in Babeau’s work. Portraits are exquisitely dramatic and outstanding. “I love to capture how people really are, the moment when they look beautiful whoever they are, professional models or not,” he says.

Thomas Babeau - beautiful Thomas Babeau - beauty Thomas Babeau - black dress Thomas Babeau - girl Thomas Babeau - jewels Thomas Babeau - long hair Thomas Babeau - Lucie and

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