Leta Sobierajski – Quirky and Playful Compositions

Leta Sobierajski - art

Leta Sobierajski is a multidisciplinary designer and art director living and working in New York. Using multiple mediums and playful compositions, her stunning works reflect the unusual shapes and distinct 80s style defined by that period. Leta’s photographic still life compositions feature a peculiar collection of fruit, tape, cheese, balloons, geometric shapes and painted hands. She chooses objects based upon their availability and relativity to where she is working. She buys most of her materials from the grocery, art supply, and local 99 cent stores. Hands are another interesting subject in her work as they interact with those objects and bring a whole new dynamic to these compositions. For her, hands are really fun to work with. It is a medium that is naturally imperfect and inconsistent, helping to engage objects in a still life and add warmth and movement while still remaining stationary. The result is utterly unique and mind-blowing.

Leta Sobierajski - black balloons Leta Sobierajski - fruit composition Leta Sobierajski - fruit design Leta Sobierajski - fruit geometry Leta Sobierajski - graphic design Leta Sobierajski - hands graphic design Leta Sobierajski - hands Leta Sobierajski - meat and cheese


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