Silvia Grav – Ethereal Black and White Photo Manipulations

Silvia Grav - art

Silvia Grav is a young photographer from Pais Vasco, Spain. We have seen photographers using the techniques of multiple exposures many times before, however, Silvia takes conceptual photography to new heights. She has developed her own distinctive style. Her work can be dreamy and sometimes terrifying, as luminous layers of clouds, waves, and stars mingle with portraits, ghostly figures and skeletons. As the artist says, to make photographs she needs pain that makes her find relief, and she only finds this relief by taking photographs. The final result of the pictures when they are made of pain and not by an obligation is clearly visible. As a result, her photographs tend to function like condensed narrations suspended between empiricism and mental projection.

Silvia Grav - black and white Silvia Grav - cant see Silvia Grav - disappear Silvia Grav - glass of water Silvia Grav - jearaf Silvia Grav - noir blanc Silvia Grav - photography Silvia Grav - self portrait Silvia Grav - universe series Silvia Grav - water

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