Flower Art by Lim Zhi Wei

Lim Zhi Wei - tango

Lim Zhi Wei is a Malaysian artist currently based in Singapore. Born in Sabah, Malaysia, Limzy moved to Singapore at the age of 16 to study fine art at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Art (NAFA). She uses flowers, food and other household items and combines it with illustrations to produce colorful and incredibly realistic pieces of art. Some of her works are enhanced with illustrations, while others are made entirely from food, flowers and other items.

Lim Zhi Wei - saturaed blue Lim Zhi Wei - Sapphire Lim Zhi Wei - Audrey Hepburn Lim Zhi Wei - Purple Glam Lim Zhi Wei - Marilyn Monroe Lim Zhi Wei - 3 women Lim Zhi Wei - Konichiwa Lim Zhi Wei - owl Lim Zhi Wei - bloomingfish Lim Zhi Wei - bee

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