Lucie Eleanor – Airy Beauty

Lucie Eleanor - a colorful dress

Lucie Eleanor is a fashion photographer born in London, England. She grew up with a photographic background as both her father and grandfather did photography. She lived on the Isle of Wight when she was a child. There were no street lamps and pavements, just old roads. Lucie is strongly inspired by places she has seen, fields of white flowers, beaches with scheduled rocks and deep tall forests. At the age of 16 she decided to move to London and do a degree in photography. She works as a fashion photographer ever since. Once Eleanor has an idea, she likes to create a mood board giving a general feeling of the shoot she has in mind. “I hope to give off a feminine, soft airy feel to my photographs, I adore colour, being outside and autumn time,” she says.

Lucie Eleanor - black dress Lucie Eleanor - blonde look Lucie Eleanor - blue makeup Lucie Eleanor - colorful lips Lucie Eleanor - dark lips Lucie Eleanor - hair and makeup Lucie Eleanor - makeup and long hair Lucie Eleanor - makeup red lips Lucie Eleanor - nails and eyes blue Lucie Eleanor - nymph look Lucie Eleanor - red Lucie Eleanor - yellow

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