Lou Ros – Unfinished Stories and Enigmatic Expressions

Lou Ros - art

Lou Ros is a self-taught artist from Paris. He is more interested in unfinished paintings than the perfection of a well-finished canvas, which only shows technical powers. Some people may think he just gives up when things get complicated, but I think that he allows us to be part of his pieces, imagining our own stories behind each of his paintings. Faces are the most interesting part of Lou’s art. They are utterly stunning and intriguing. They are almost nonexistent, scrambled, often confused with enigmatic expressions. “Painting beautiful is boring, while making a painting that has strength is quite another thing,” he says.

Lou Ros - autoportrait Lou Ros - bullhead Lou Ros - covered face Lou Ros - face Lou Ros - girl portrait Lou Ros - painting Lou Ros - portrait


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