Elise Mahan – Surreal Elements of Nature

Elisa Mahan - art

Elise Mahan is a Fine artist residing in Oakland, California. Her work is inspired by art history, environmental studies, astronomy, literature and natural history. It has become an integral part of her practice to explore a diverse range of disciplines in order to discover connections between art and environment. These pieces certainly have ethereal and surreal elements that utilize and explore repetition, pattern and texture. Elise is interested in creating work that reflects upon and questions the conflict of interests that society has created for itself. On the one hand there is the social obsession with a pristine environment, and on the other, the pollution and degradation of an entire planet.

Elisa Mahan - azure star map Elisa Mahan - blue ice art Elisa Mahan - circle painting Elisa Mahan - circle Elisa Mahan - illustration Elisa Mahan - mountain Elisa Mahan - snowy mountains Elisa Mahan -circles


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