Lucy Campbell’s Art – Childhood Memories

Lucy Campbell Painting 1

Lucy Campbell is a Scottish illustrator born in Perth, 1977. She studied at Sussex University and Brighton College. Lucy found outlets for her creative energy in several community projects, carnival floats, youth workshops and interior design.  Her illustrative work has appeared in some books and was the topic of an anthology of Scottish poetry and short stories published by the Society of Scottish Literary Studies.  Her first solo exhibition in 2003 was a great success and the first of many exhibitions in Barcelona, Scotland and the UK, where her works were bought by collectors and art lovers. Lucy Campbell’s style is best described as illustrative. It is often her own childhood memories which influence her paintings. Also she is strongly influenced by nature, myth and fairy tales. Her art always evokes delicate memories of childhood, of something loved, lived or lost.

Lucy Campbell Painting 2

Lucy Campbell Painting 3

Lucy Campbell Painting 4

Lucy Campbell Painting 5

Lucy Campbell Painting 6

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