Jared Joslin – Nostalgic Paintings

Jared Joslin Painting 1

Jared Joslin is an American painter born in 1970, in Fort Collins, Colorado. He is always a clever storyteller; symbolic scenes are flooded with plush colours and prosperous details which easily distract the viewer from threatening underpinnings of every tale.  Beautiful painting technique accompanies surreal circus themes and nostalgic glamorous female portraiture. Over the years, there have been countless artists that have given him inspiration.  Jared Joslin is strongly influenced by colour, fire and smoke, travel, nature, sky and its many moods, the mystery of forests, the alien world of insects, the beauty and weirdness of animals and birds.  The artist admires objects that have lived a life long ago , especially during the late 1800’s through the 1940’s; the golden age of the circus and Hollywood, carnival lights, silent films, fashion and glamour; cabarets, dance halls and clubs that existed between the war years in Berlin.

Jared Joslin Painting 2

Jared Joslin Painting 3

Jared Joslin Painting 4

Jared Joslin Painting 5

Jared Joslin Painting 6


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