Maiko Takeda – Bewildering Headdresses

Maiko Takeda - Atmospheric Fashion

Maiko Takeda has created the scarcest and the most bewildering millinery collection presented at the Royal College of Art fashion show. The hats are pretty stirring and exquisitely peculiar. “While hats are commonly made with substantial and durable materials such as fabric, felt, plastic, leather so on, instead I wanted to create ethereal experiences for the wearer through the pieces,” she says. Hundreds of  colorful  bristles emanate from headdresses. Maiko made the adornments with transparent plastic spikes painted with color gradients at the tips and bases. She developed the technique to create a visual effect of elusive atmosphere by layering printed clear film, sandwiched with acrylic discs and linked together with silver rings. Some of designs cover the head, shoulders and bust but leave the face exposed, while another work covers the whole face.

Maiko Takeda - blue fashion Maiko Takeda - face Maiko Takeda - fashion photography Maiko Takeda - fashion Maiko Takeda - headdress Maiko Takeda - headpiece Maiko Takeda -

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