Alicia Martin – Evolution of Surreal Beings

Alicia Martin Lopez - an odd creature

Gruesome, eerie, beautiful, rare – these are the characteristics of Alicia Martin’s unearthly creatures. Alicia is a visual artist born in 1982 in Spain, currently residing in New York. She received her bachelor’s degree in Advertising in 2007. While working as a web designer for four years in Madrid, she created traditional drawings and illustrations until 2011, when she got a Fulbright Scholarship to do a master’s degree at the School of Visual Arts in New York. So she completed her MFA in Computer Art with a concentration on traditional and digital painting. Today she is entirely dedicated to this field. Alicia’s bizarre and surreal creatures are thought-provoking and exciting as they are surrounded by ghastly and mystical atmosphere.

Alicia Martin Lopez - beautiful creature Alicia Martin Lopez - birdman Alicia Martin Lopez - creature Alicia Martin Lopez - digital art Alicia Martin Lopez - hairy creature Alicia Martin Lopez - jellyfish Alicia Martin Lopez -

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