Andres Amador – Ephemeral Sand Paintings

Andres Amador - art

A San Francisco-based artist Andres Amador makes breath-taking large-scale paintings in the sand. His art, which he calls “Earthscape,” is a series of different geometric sketches carved in the sand using tools like rakes. The beautiful designs range from organic, nature inspired patters, to geometric and spiritual symbols. Andres wakes up early and usually begins creating these works under a full moon when the damp, sandy beach is still exposed. He starts with a fine-tip stick, drawing the framework and giving structure for his designs. Once this is complete, he uses a thicker rake to shade in different areas of the design before seeking higher ground to capture the sand painting on film. “My dream is to do my artwork in locations around the world and to bring more people into the creative act with me,” says the artist. The works exist for only a few moments, just long enough to snap a few photographs before being completely engulfed by the encroaching tide. The exquisite art Amador creates is ephemeral, it cannot last and it cannot be maintained. And that is the beauty of it.

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