Mario Sánchez Nevado – Surreal Digital Art


Mario Sánchez Nevado is a Spanish freelance Illustrator and Art Director mainly developing artworks and packaging for music bands and publishing houses all over the world. With a solid style, his conceptual art works on bringing an emotional impact to the viewer, creating tales about universal ideas and feelings easy to relate to. His usage of colors is the key of creating atmospheres that are catchy but ambiguous at the same time (via designersof)

Deep-by-Mario-Sánchez-Nevado Entropy-by-Mario-Sánchez-Nevado Nirvana-by-Mario-Sánchez-Nevado Medea-by-Mario-Sanchez-Nevado Internal-Landscapes-by-Mario-Sánchez-Nevado Silence-by-Mario-Sanchez-Nevado Trust-in-me-by-Mario-Sánchez-Nevado Betrayal-by-Mario-Sánchez-Nevado The-Noble-Lie-by-Mario-Sánchez-Nevado

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