Riusuke Fukahori – 3D Goldfish

Riusuke Fukahori - goldfish salvation

Riusuke Fukahori is known as the “goldfish artist”. He creates three-dimensional goldfish by pouring resin layers and painting goldfish on each layer with acrylic paint. Everything began in 2000, when he became fascinated by his goldfish – which despite being abandoned for seven years was still alive. The artist calls this incident “Goldfish Salvation.” “The impulse of exploration of goldfish drives me to create more. Where and how they want to swim, and what they think; these are the questions that I’ve been asking myself when I paint goldfish,” he says.


Riusuke Fukahori - goldfish 2 Riusuke Fukahori - fish Riusuke Fukahori - goldfish ripples Riusuke Fukahori - goldfish bowl Riusuke Fukahori - goldfish 3 riusuke-fukahori - 3d godlfish

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