Martin Grohs – Introspection

Martin Grohs - an indispensibility of dreams

Martin Grohs is a 25-year-old self-taught artist and graphic designer residing in Leipzig, Germany. He has specialized in the fields of illustration, branding, and image manipulation. With a touch of surrealism and exquisiteness, he tries to create unique and creative works that will encourage the viewer to think about the topic.  Martin always attempts to convey a topic, something that is very important to him. He loves to make people start thinking and forming their own opinions. He has developed a very interesting style as he enjoys experimenting with different techniques and media in both traditional and digital ways. The artist’s imagery deals with reminiscent issues such as the future of our planet and personal introspection.  The works are charged with emotion which has a strong ability to make the viewer focus closely on the main theme of his artwork.

Martin Grohs - creature Martin Grohs - dark side Martin Grohs - deer Martin Grohs - harmony Martin Grohs - lion human Martin Grohs - naturalness Martin Grohs - portrait Martin Grohs - the kiss

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