Masha Reva – Botanical Layers

Masha Reva - a wing

Masha Reva is a young fashion designer originally from Odessa, Ukraine. Her work is more of an art concept than a fashion lookbook. Collections are usually inspired by nature and the elements of different cultures. Masha perfectly mixes digital aesthetics with romantic flower prints. The series called “Botanical Layers” is a mixture of social networks and natural environment creating a metaphorical botanical garden of Photoshop layers and loading bars. Maybe this is the first collection taking inspiration of the Internet and computer in such a sophisticate and beautiful way. Reva is focused on human character being transformed in the process of developing various social connections. On the other hand, she studies a human as a part of nature. Her designs are revealing a conflict between natural and artificial.

Masha Reva - back Masha Reva - face Masha Reva - floral Masha Reva - photoshop Masha Reva - reds Masha Reva - victorian era

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