Hormazd Narielwalla – Rediscovered Grace

Hormazd Narielwalla - a collage

Hormazd Narielwalla is an East-London based artist making collages in 2D and 3D out of unwanted tailoring patterns. His practice began when he discovered that tailors would shred their modified patterns of customers deceased as they have no value without the “body.” This stimulated him to see them as abstracted shapes and artefacts of human beings through which he could narrate different visual stories. These tailoring patterns are from the famous Savile Row tailors – Dege & Skinner. His lates work mines a seam of exquisite material hidden between the pages of Le Petit Echo de la Mode, which was a popular fashion and lifestyle magazine. Hormazd cuts delicate sheets of colored paper, discovering beautiful and precise artworks that were waiting to become real and loved.

Hormazd Narielwalla - contrast Hormazd Narielwalla - dark reds Hormazd Narielwalla - fashion Hormazd Narielwalla - manteau Hormazd Narielwalla - sea colors Hormazd Narielwalla - tailor


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