Carla Goldberg – Memories Carried with Water

Carla Goldberg - a blue memory

Carla Goldberg is an American mixed-media artist with a unique methods and techniques of creating these beautiful works. For the past eight years, she has worked primarily with resins and water concepts in one form or another. Combining non-traditional, industrial materials with traditional art mediums, the resulting works are at one intricate and bold yet ethereal. Carla draws with her hands on both sides of a transparent surface. These are gel and white ink drawings. The light is the most important aspect of these pieces which change according to the source and strength of the light. The artist is strongly inspired by childhood’s memories of sea foam on the edge of a beach. She is also endlessly fascinated by the cool aqua colors and weird patterns of light dancing on the surface and just below, bouncing off the bottom of the pool walls. The delicate, lacy, sea foam and pool drawings act as a synaptic matrix holding a dreamy memory suspended in ethereal light and shadow.

Carla Goldberg - blue dots Carla Goldberg - goddess of the mississippi Carla Goldberg - goddess of the sun Carla Goldberg - installations Carla Goldberg - isntallation Carla Goldberg - memories of sea Carla Goldberg - the origins Carla Goldberg - thetis Carla Goldberg - white

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