Sarah Rosado – Quirky Realistic Dirt Art

Sarah Rosado - a dirt art

Sarah Rosado is a self-taught illustrator and photographer residing in New York City. She became interested in art at an early age.  She began drawing with a pencil and then moved on to the computer using paint shop. However, Sarah always tries to keep her art raw and natural. Most of her inspirations are from current social situations, experiences, trends in magazines and certain places. Her main focus is taking snapshots of interesting things that are stimulating and usually ignored by society. Sarah has created some quirky and fun pieces of dirt art. While dirt is not the most common artistic medium, Rosado proves with her work that dirt can be transformed into cute pieces of art. Using dirt, the artist has created everything from a smoking revolver to a little duckling. Each of her works is looking very realistic, considering they were made almost entirely out of dirt and other everyday objects.

Sarah Rosado - angel Sarah Rosado - camera Sarah Rosado - cold drink Sarah Rosado - gold Sarah Rosado - duck Sarah Rosado - guitar Sarah Rosado - gun

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