Matthias Haker – Aesthetic Imagery

Matthias Haker - blue decay

Matthias Haker is a self-taught photographer currently living in Dresden, Germany. He is a student of Media Computer Science. Matthias discovered photography as his passion in 2008.  His gallery includes arresting landscapes, architecture, urban life, portraits and macros. The most significant part of his imagery is the pictures of abandoned locations. Matthias Haker sees a beauty that other people often dismiss. He can find attractiveness in crevices and cracks; in the process of decaying and dying.

Matthias Haker - FallingMatthias Haker - a bed of moss Matthias Haker - the last dance Matthias Haker - we Matthias Haker - dark hedges

Matthias Haker - speicherstadtMatthias Haker - Zwinger Palace

Matthias Haker - synapses

Matthias Haker - planet

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