Michael Page – Exquisitely Bizarre Spirits

Michael Page - blue horses

Humans, horses, plants and oddly shaped organisms inhabit a mysterious, ethereal space in Michael Page’s incredible works. They represent moments in time, reality, dreams, déjà vu, or even past lives. Michael is full time artist residing in San Francisco, CA. He is recognized for his vibrant dreamscapes, bold brush strokes and vibrant color palette. His paintings are exquisitely peculiar and truly inciting. The pieces feel strongly rooted in a dark and fantastical narrative. The artist uses horses quite often, as they symbolize strength, grace, and beauty. The humans in his paintings symbolize humankind as a whole; the plants and organisms are part of the life force which breathes the colors and forms that he is creating. Michael has shown his work nationally and internationally throughout both Europe and the United States.

Michael Page - affection Michael Page - alchemy Michael Page - body Michael Page - elephant Michael Page - holding Michael Page - tigers Michael Page - winter heatmichaelpageart.com

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