Ani Reimi-Orsa’s Eerie Digital World

Ani Reimi-Orsa - an art of shifting rocks

Ani Reimi-Orsa is a professional freelance illustrator and concept artist born in 1987 in Helsinki, Finland. She is skilled in digital art, 3D modelling, game texturing and animation. Ani’s work is spooky enough and too much striking. While finding inspiration in Studio Ghibli’s movies, nature, animals, bright colours and some video games, she tries to create her own supreme world. She has always had more interest in creating. Since discovering console gaming as a child, she has been looking for ways to combine her love for both games and creative productivity. Ani wishes to bring fictive worlds to life and give them actual forms.

Ani Reimi-Orsa - autumn leaves Ani Reimi-Orsa - cat Ani Reimi-Orsa - dawn at pupua Ani Reimi-Orsa - gallows tree Ani Reimi-Orsa - home tree Ani Reimi-Orsa - house by the ponds Ani Reimi-Orsa - hunting Ani Reimi-Orsa - journey Ani Reimi-Orsa - october Ani Reimi-Orsa - palmtree huts Ani Reimi-Orsa - quest Ani Reimi-Orsa - red crystals Ani Reimi-Orsa - witch's house

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