Molly Strohl – Magical Whimsy

Molly Strohl - a mount doomMolly Strohl is a 20 years old photographer based in Savannah, Georgia. Her photography is absolutely stirring as she has a unique style both in shooting and editing. Molly likes to try new things and display different moods – from fun and quirky to thoughtful and gloomy. So the imagery is enriched with boundless energy and creativity.  She adds a perfect touch of magical whimsy and surrealism to the pictures which are always thought-provoking for the viewer.

Molly Strohl - autumn colours Molly Strohl - bubble pop Molly Strohl - feathers Molly Strohl - flightless Molly Strohl - grave digger Molly Strohl - inside Molly Strohl - mailroom Molly Strohl - portrait Molly Strohl - sparkling

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