Music Video for “Babe’s Lair” by Walt & Vervain

Walt & Vervain - animation

“Babe’s Lair” is a beautiful animation created by French motion graphic artist Joseph. It is a music video produced for the new single “Babe’s Lair” by Walt & Vervain.  The story is very inspiring with the ethereal and eerie atmosphere. The silhouette style is obviously drawing some inspiration from the game Limbo. The animation captures the mysterious essence of the dream life where anything is possible.  Withdrawing into the wilderness of dreams, the wandering girl seems to be boundless and free to explore the labyrinth of her mind. The animation is just great as a whole and each still, capturing a moment in the story, can function on its own as an art piece.


Walt & Vervain - Babe’s Lair Walt & Vervain - music video Walt & Vervain - musicians Walt & Vervain - shadow animation Walt & Vervain - shadows



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