Nic Joly – Miniature Figures

Nic Joly - a butterfly

Nic Joly started his artistic career in a stained glass and metalwork workshop in the south of England.  He then went on to study at The Winchester School of Art in Hampshire. Later he set up on his own and began to design and make one-off commissions and limited edition pieces of furniture and sculpture. This collection of miniature sculptures is very thought-provoking. “As we go through the journey that is our lives we come across situations, and make observations about what we see and feel. With my under foot collection I strive to highlight my own observations and thoughts about my journey, and things I have seen,” says Nic Joly.

Nic Joly - never forgotten Nic Joly - interesting catch Nic Joly - heavy addiction Nic Joly - forbidden fruit Nic Joly - calling home

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