Patrick Laumond – MetaHism

Patrick Laumond - a red paint

Patrick Laumond is a French artist and the founder of MetaHism. It is an artistic movement that embodies the human mind as a meta-paradigm. The artist has an extreme sense of how to shape colours and textures. The white sculptural works represent infinity, eternity and the “all possible.”  So he started creating his own language; he segmented the work into volumes – some are with stains and others all white. The works seem to destabilize our assumptions about the world. Each of his projects reveals the idea of duality such as illusion and reality, certainty and uncertainty, solidity and intangibility. But it is clear that every human being has a possible choice and hope that can change the whole scheme.

Patrick Laumond - box Patrick Laumond - broken glass Patrick Laumond - cubes Patrick Laumond - holding Patrick Laumond - room Patrick Laumond - the archetype Patrick Laumond - two

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